Out-of-the-Box Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Groomsmen Bobbleheads

Out-of-the-Box Groomsmen Gift Ideas


Pedro Mojica
Entrepreneur and Men's Wedding Ring Designer

As the groom, you’ll be in the spotlight in front of family, friends, and probably some people you don’t even know during what will be one of the biggest events of your life. Whether you’re nervous or not, it’s only natural to feel under pressure during your wedding and look forward to your honeymoon. Fortunately, you’ll have your groomsmen and best man at your side, who will all be there to take the edge off, crack a few jokes and make the experience a little easier on the nerves. Their invaluable friendship and support will truly shine during this juncture in your life, and for that, they’ll deserve a token of your deepest gratitude. 

Customized Football

Personalized Hobby Gifts

The more thought you put into your groomsmen gifts, the more they’ll be flattered by the honor. You shouldn’t have any trouble knowing what your buddies like to do for fun, after all — they are your best friends. So if you’ve got a friend who loves a certain sport, go out and get him a customized football, basketball, baseball bat, or whatever it is that they do. Make it theirs and make it unique.


Is your buddy a video game addict? Get hit a custom-designed and engraved controller, computer peripherals or accessories for his system of choice. The outdoorsy type? Think custom hatchets, knives, camping gear, travel gear, survival gear and the like. Just when they think they’re getting a generic groomsmen gift — boom, they’ve got something they actually love. 

Man Cave Collectibles

Whether your buddy has a man cave or not, man cave gifts have a place in every man’s heart. Sooner or later, the cave will inevitably begin to take shape, and nothing feels better than knowing just what to fill it with.

From customized signage, lamps and decorations to game sets, unique lighting fixtures, high-tech accessories, epic wall hangers and more, turning your groomsmen gift into a custom man cave gift offers endless possibilities.


Man Cave Sign

Bar Gifts

If your buddy loves to have a drink or tie one on from time-to-time, you can’t go wrong with personalized bar gifts. Customize your own groomsmen gift box and load it up with an engraved flask, decanter, lighter, shot glasses and more. Then there’s a personalized cigar box, drinking tankard, bartop do-it-alls and fundamentals, beer growlers, beer tote packages, novelty bottle holders, carry cases, drinking sets, and the list goes on. 

Custom Kitchen Cookware for the Squad Chef

Got a chef in the group that can’t stay out of the kitchen or away from the grill? Get him some personalized grilling tools or cookware fashioned in his lifestyle, hobby or in a novelty design that you can’t find at the store.   

Groomsmen Group Gifts

Sharing your wedding with your friends is best topped off with groomsmen group gifts that truly commemorate the experience. Design a groomsmen movie poster with all the guys posing in your favorite flick, give everybody their very own groomsman bobblehead doll made in their flattering likeness, or surprise your buddies with a groomsmen group caricature drawing showing off everyone’s best look.  

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Groomsmens gifts

This is how us Grooms say thank you to the most important people in our lives. Not just for being a part of the biggest day in your life but for the roles they will play in supporting you and your soon to be wife in the years to come. Take a minute to show them you're grateful. Once that's done head on over to seal the deal and find a wedding band that fits your personality.

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