Every purchase will have the option to receive free shipping. We don’t like paying for shipping as much as the next guy. Faster shipping options are available if you’re ordering last minute for an additional charge. Your order will take up to 24 hours to be processed and most packages are received in 3-4 business days for US Purchases or up to 7 days for International Purchases*. Some rings require lead time because they are made to order. You can see which rings require lead time in the product description. You may encounter delays if shipping internationally that are out of our control. Please contact your local customs agency to ask about VAT Tax or Duty Fees, which are generally inexpensive, or to locate your package if it has been delayed.

Free shipping:

  • Rings without lead time 3-4 business days in US and up to 21 days international (includes processing time).

  • Rings with Lead Time vary depending on the ring. Just add the lead time plus 3-4 business days to calculate shipping time for US and add lead time plus 7 days for international.

Other shipping options include:

  • 2 Business Day Shipping USA

  • 1 Business Day Morning & Saturday Delivery USA

  • Express International

Band & Vow is proud to partner with ​Route​, the leader in package protection and  tracking solutions. By selecting Route+ at checkout your order will be protected from  damage, loss*, or theft. In the unfortunate case that your order never comes or is broken  upon arrival, you can easily file a claim with Route and receive a replacement or be fully  reimbursed. We are excited to offer this service to you and we highly recommend you use  Route+ package protection at checkout. Claims for packages marked "delivered" must be filed after 5 days and before 15 days from  the date the package was marked "delivered". Claims for packages presumed to be lost  (where the status is not "delivered") must be filed after 7 days (20 days for international) and within 30 days from the last checkpoint. 

*We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages without package protection. Times listed above are estimates and we are not responsible for any packages being delayed by the carrier. Please be advised that most carriers do not count Saturday or Sunday as shipping days.