Father's Day Buying Guide

Father's Day Buying Guide

Pedro Mojica
Founder & CEO of Band & Vow 

Dads. A good one is worth his weight in gold. With our Father's Day Buying Guide we offer you a heap of quality suggestions just in time to get dad the present he deserves for the one day a year he will never mention, because dad's don't care about celebrations. But it's the perfect opportunity to show him how much you care about him.

When Father’s Day comes around this year, get him something simple to cherish with a Father’s Day gift ring inlayed with his very own personality and style. We’ve got a wide-selection of featured men’s rings in various materials and designs perfect for dad’s collection of quality pieces. We’ve also got plenty of other Father’s Day gift ideas and a unique buyer’s guide to help you find the perfect gift he didn’t even know he wanted. 

Fishing for Ideas

Father’s Day is all about that special dad, husband and grandfather that always puts others first and sets his own hankerings aside. Over the years, all the things dad wants will pile up and get set aside as he makes sure his family has everything they need and more. When asked what they want for Father’s Day, dads often say things like, “I have everything I need,” but the truth is, he probably just forgot.

One of the best Father’s Day gifts is the effort of reminding dad of all the little things he’s wanted over the years. Spending some time with dad to jog his memory isn’t just a great bonding opportunity, but he’ll treasure the gift even more when it reminds him of your effort. Take the time leading up to Father’s Day to keep a close eye on dad and see what he’s up to. Knowing his hobbies is a big plus and you might even find yourself spending some quality time together while you consider the perfect gift.

There’s Always That Special Something

If there’s one thing that dads all over the world have in common, it’s valuing quality over quantity. Dads will swear by a prized possession for their entire life because it serves its purpose and it serves it well. Does dad spend a lot of time on his computer or phone with an audio device like a headset or earphones? Unless he’s already got the best set on the market, consider giving him a headset or earphone upgrade from a top brand that will deliver impressive sound quality and is worth his time. 

Is dad the outdoorsy type, and likes camping or fishing? Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the outdoor department, and there are some really innovative gadgets designed to elevate his outdoor experience, such as high-tech fishing gear, high-tech camping gear, and other nifty outdoor accessories.

If dad likes working with tools, there’s no shortage of Father’s Day gift ideas that he can put to good use. Great ideas include a DIY wall scanner compatible with phones, thermal imaging systems, a cordless cutting tool, or something as simple as a heated footrest for dad’s workshop or around the house.  

If a homemade burger or steak is one of dad’s greatest passions, then he’ll love a fancy new portable grill that can go anywhere and still cook a mean entree. High-quality cooking tools will go great with a new grill and a bottle of his favorite wine or spirit.

If dad spends a lot of time on his feet, consider getting him a pair of natural foot-shaped shoes that will take the pressure off his feet and are better for his health. Because every dad appreciates comfort, ergonomic gifts such as workspace stools and simple ergonomic accessories for the home and office will let dad know that his comfort is on your mind.  

Still considering a ring this Father’s Day? Print out our men’s ring sizer to get the perfect-sized ring and browse our inventory of premier materials and designs worthy of this special day. Check out our best selling ring below or one of our other 350 styles. 

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