All of our rings that we carry should be treated as fine jewelry and should be removed before doing any harsh activities. We also recommended that you avoid prolonged exposure of your ring to water and chemicals.

All of our rings, except meteorite rings (release date pending) and rings with porous inlays, do not require special care and can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner or soap and water. If your ring has meteorite please follow our meteorite cleaning instructions. Avoid submerging porous inlay in water or chemicals  

Meteorite Cleaning Instructions:

Meteorite can be cleaned with a mixture of baking soda and water by scrubbing it with a tooth brush. Once completely dry, about 8 hours, brush the meteorite with some 3 in 1 or mineral oil to protect it and prevent rust.

Lava Rock Cleaning Instructions:

Please note that the lava rock is natural, exposed stone. It is prone to physical, chemical, and water damage. Please remove your ring for activities that could damage the inlay, such as handwashing (and using hand sanitizer), yard work, and cleaning.

Addition Cleaning Instructions:

Don’t swim or shower with your wedding band on. It can be tough to remember, but constant exposure to moisture can expand materials, damage finishes, and cause obvious water damage that may void your warranty. Slip it off before you dive in! Or, if you feel totally naked without it, rock your silicone band when you head to the pool or beach.

Make your jewelry the last thing you put on when you’re getting ready. Exposing your ring to any hair care products, cologne, or deodorant can cause gross buildup that can permanently affect the finish. Jewelry is meant to be the icing on the cake, after all. Plus, some of these products contain harsh chemicals that can cause your ring to tarnish.

Don’t put certain rings into an ultrasonic cleaner. These handy little spiffing machines are great for getting grunge out of the nooks and crannies of your ring, but they have a tendency to loosen precious stone settings and damage fragile inlays. If your wedding band has diamonds or any other type of stone, skip the ultrasonic device.

Keep your rings away from any harsh chemicals. Garages, warehouses, factories—they’re all fun places to get your hands dirty, but they can expose your ring to harsh chemicals that can cause staining, tarnishing, or warping, so avoid them as much as possible. By the same token, take your ring off before carrying anything sharp or heavy.