Titanium vrs. Tungsten

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Titanium vrs. tungsten


Pedro Mojica

Owner & Men's Wedding Ring Designer

Tungsten and titanium rings are both a popular choice of men’s wedding bands and can be fashioned into sleek and modern ring designs. Learn all about their features and what makes them different before choosing which one is right for you.

What is the Difference between Titanium and Tungsten Rings?  

Titanium and tungsten may look similar, but they are two very different metals. Here are all of their notable features.    


Both titanium and tungsten have a natural gunmetal grey color, and each material can be modified into a different ring color, black being a popular choice.  

In the case of titanium rings, different colors are produced through anodizing and offer plenty of design choices. It can also be polished for a glossy and satin finish.  

Tungsten rings for men have unique customization options of their own. Tungsten carbide rings look similar to white gold and platinum, and can be plated with materials such as titanium to produce different colors and designs. It can also be left in its natural color (gunmetal grey/silver) and polished to a mirror finish with brightness similar to that of platinum, or designed in matte, brushed or satin finish. One of the major benefits of tungsten rings men is the ability to keep its luster even as the years go by, and it is often called the ‘forever polished’ metal. 



Ring Durability

One of the features that make both metals a very popular choice of mens wedding bands is their durability. Tungsten rings are a great choice for men who work with their hands or those who simply don’t want to worry about scratching or scuffing their ring. While titanium rings scratch fairly easily it's a fair trade off considering you're saving hundreds of dollars compared to precious metals. Titanium is also an extremely durable ring when it relates to cracking or breaking. So how do the two metals compare?  


Although both rings are considerably stronger than gold and platinum, tungsten carbide is the hardest of the two — in fact, it’s one of the hardest materials on earth.  

On the Mohs scale, tungsten ranks at 9, while titanium ranks at 6. Tungsten carbide is so hard that it can only be scratched by the hardest known materials, such as diamond. This makes tungsten rings very resistant to exposure and wear-and-tear.

So tungsten rings are basically indestructible, right?  

Somewhat contrary to its hardness, no. Tungsten itself is actually quite brittle, and even as tungsten carbide, it’s vulnerable to impact-related damage, such as cracking, breaking, and shattering. In this department, titanium rings for men have tungsten beat, because under extreme pressure, they may bend or deform, but not break. Titanium is also very resistant to corrosion, tarnishing, and scratching compared to other metals.


Ring Weight

The biggest difference between tungsten and titanium rings is in the weight. If you’re looking for a hefty ring to remind you where your loyalties lie, then tungsten is your ring of choice. It’s a dense and heavy metal with a solid and weighty feel.  

On the other hand, titanium is practically light as a feather. If a ring that barely feels like it’s there sounds more like it, then titanium is the way to go. Despite its weightlessness, a titanium ring for men is very sturdy and durable.  



Resizing Titanium and Tungsten Rings

If resizing your ring is a strong future possibility, then neither a titanium nor a tungsten ring is a particularly good choice — at least not unless ring replacement is an option.  

Tungsten rings do not resize altogether. Once formed, their shape is permanent, and cannot be changed. At Band & Vow, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our wedding bands, so if your ring no longer fits, we will be happy to replace it. 

While titanium rings offer slightly more flexibility for resizing than tungsten, it is generally not recommended as the results are often limited. Please feel free to contact us for more information on how to submit a warranty claim. 

Other Considerations for Tungsten and Titanium Men’s Wedding Bands


Titanium and tungsten men’s wedding bands typically cost far less than gold and platinum rings but vary in price depending on craft, design and customizations.


Tungsten can only be engraved with a laser, but this produces a smooth and groove-less finish. Titanium can be engraved with the same techniques as gold and platinum.

Emergency Removal: 

If your ring needs to come off, titanium rings can be sawed through by a professional, while tungsten will need to be broken using a vice or pliers.



Whichever Way you go


Remember that you are always covered with our Lifetime Warranty & Resizing Program. We back our products because we trust our process and use nothing but world-class material at every step of the way. You can buy from us and feel assured that you will enjoy your band for years to come.

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